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Find out here how high the scrap surcharge is and take a look at our quality, sustainability and safety certificates.

scrap surcharge

The absolute scrap surcharge for December 2023 would thus be 285,00 €/to bzw. 327,00 €/to after a commercial round. Please refer to the attached document for the new method of calculating the scrap surcharge.


At Andernach & Bleck, we understand sustainability as a comprehensive commitment that includes resource conservation, emissions reduction and social responsibility. Our pursuit of excellence in these areas is an expression of our commitment to sustainable business management. We are convinced that these efforts will not only benefit our company, but also society and the environment in the long term.

In December 2023, we received the EcoZert award for our commitment to greater sustainability. Find out more



Declaration on the information obligations for suppliers of products in accordance with Article 33 of the regulation (EC) No. 1907 /2006 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 18th December, 2006 an the registration, evaluation and restriction of chemicals (REACH) as published on 3oth December, 2006 in EU Official Journal 396/1

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