Growth comes from pushing boundaries. That is why we are constantly working on new methods and processes for steel treatment.

+POS® – optimizes tensile strength and yield strength ratio

Are your costs for bright steel processing too high? The load-bearing capacity of your profiles is not sufficient? Do you want a better tensile strength and yield strength ratio? Then you are exactly at the right place with us!

With +POS®, Andernach & Bleck has developed a new processing step for process-optimized steel. In combination with process sequences that have also been redefined, from the raw material to the end product, bright steel products with an improved property profile are created. Specifically, this means that while toughness and internal stress remain unchanged, the tensile strength and yield strength ratio is significantly more advantageous compared to standard alloys and previous treatment conditions.

product benefits

Compared with standard alloys and treatment conditions, +POS® leads to significant improvement with regard to:

  • distortion
  • coercivity
  • remanence
  • Ratio of tensile strength to yield strength: The tensile strength remains virtually unchanged. The yield strength is significantly reduced.

Special dimensions

We are pleased to manufacture special dimensions for you on request.


Is +POS® also of interest to you? Talk to us!

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