Andernach und Bleck -

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Bright Steel is part of our DNA.

From production to sales to management - bright steel
lies in our genes. We produce and perfect forms, the very highest
claims are enough. Produce with our unique manufacturing
processes. We offer flexible bright steel solutions in over 9,000 dimensions.
On land, water or air - bright steel "made in Hagen" can be found in every
application area of ​​this earth.

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Revealed in many details,
one finds Bright Steel From

Profiles for lock cylinders

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Revealed in many details,
one finds Bright Steel From

Shafts for electric motors

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Revealed in many details,
one finds Bright Steel From

Component for lathes

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Revealed in many details,
one finds Bright Steel From

Hydraulic parts for manufacturing plants



Businessman Louis Andernach and Master Locksmith Carl Bleck, Sr. join together to found the “Andernach & Bleck” Company in Hagen-Halden. On 11th July, the company is officially listed in the Trade Register.


In February, the first consignments of bright steel and cold rolled strip are shipped to customers.


A change in the company’s management: Louis Andernach retires from the business and Otto Beck, son of Carl Bleck, Sr., becomes co-proprietor.


The company’s success leads to expansion: The bright steel drawing plant moves into a new, more modern factory disposing of its own access to the railway track – at that time called Factory No. 1, in the original building, then called Factory No. 2, the production of cold rolled strip and wire drawing are extended. The co-founder Carl Bleck, Sr. retires from business and his son, Carl, Jr., becomes co-proprietor.


The rapidly developing Andernach & Bleck Company takes over the steel trading company, Deicke & Gauert GmbH in Berlin, existing since 1892.


Otto Bleck’s son, Dipl.-Ing. Karl-Otto Bleck, becomes co-proprietor.


Factory No. 1, which has been confiscated since 1945 as a result of the war, and the Administration department are reconstructed and refurbished. At the year’s end, the time has come: Production is resumed.


As a new co-proprietor, the son of Carl Bleck, Jr., Dipl.-Kaufmann Jürgen Bleck, becomes Managing Director.


Karl-Otto Bleck’s son, Technischer Betreibswirt Armin Bleck, represents the fourth generation to follow up into the company’s management.


The steel trading company, Heine & Bleck GmbH is founded in Lutherstadt Wittenberg and, 8 years later, relocated to Hermsdorf.


Andernach & Bleck takes over the steel trading company, August Schmidt, which has been located in Pullheim since 2011.


The former shareholding certificates of Jürgen Bleck, that upon his death at the beginning of the 80’s had been transferred to the property of his widow Ute, are taken over by Armin Bleck.


Carsten Bleck, son of Armin Bleck, becomes co-proprietor and thus represents the fifth generation in the company’s management. The company takes over the steel trading company, Roland Stahl Handelsgstesellschaft. mbH, in Bremen.


After the death of Karl-Otto Bleck, Armin Bleck takes over his shareholding certificates.


Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Carsten Bleck follows into the company’s management. Andernach & Bleck is now being managed by Armin und Carsten Bleck.


Andernach & Bleck takes over Metalli Trafilati S.r.l in Osio Sotto (BG), Italy. Metalli Trafilati is the leading manufacturer of cold drawn angular steel.